SENIORS & 8TH GRADE PICTURES ARE DUE - Please email Sherri your picture by April 29th. The pictures must be sent in jpgs or gif. Pictures can be Action (Must be able to see face) or Setting photos. Thanks

OFFICAL TIMERS NEEDED – If you are interested in being one of our Official Timers please go to: Menu/Forms/Judges.StockContractor.Timers/Application, fill out the application and mail to address on form. If you have questions please contact Sherri. Thanks

LETTER TO MEMBERS AND PARENTS -  Please read under Announcements! Thanks 


March 22-24, La Junta Co
$350 without horse, $300 with horse, & $50 off repeat Students
Chute Dogging Only - $250 Please call 719-332-3512 for more info

- For more information please look over at NEWS. PLEASE CONTACT SHERRI  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET YOUR CARD(S). If you have a Card -PLEASE USE IT! The Association gets 5% of what everyone spends! It's a WIN/WIN!!!!!. Thanks


CINCH TEAMS 2018-19- PLEASE SEE Under Announcements -Congratulations Guys!

The CSHSRA Board is requiring all Members to turn in a Current Coggins on the horses they are competing on to the office before the Lamar spring rodeo. If you have questions please contact a Board Member not the rodeo secretary. You can start in Grand Junction.


All members are encouraged to have all horses properly vaccinated for contagious diseases such as Equine Herpes Virus and Rabies.  There have been confirmed cases of both diseases in the state already this year. Please refer to the Equine Herpes Virus Brochure for more information.

When a rabid animal is discovered, refer to the Department of Health Algorithm for information. This algorithm is the guideline the State Veterinarian’s Office. The phone number for the State Veterinarian’s Office is: 303-869-9130.

In addition to vaccinations, members are encouraged to practice good biosecurity. Avoid sharing water buckets, nose to nose contact, grooming equipment, tack, etc.

Dr. Robert DeAngelo (719-347-2702) would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

STATE FINALS PHOTOGAPHER - Samantha DeCosta 970-589-5932


The CSHSRA and CJHRA are student organizations dedicated to:

• Promoting the highest standard of conduct and sportsmanship among our members.
• Keeping the western heritage alive in America.
• Promoting family values and development of positive
relationships between people and organizations interested in or
involved with the sport of rodeo.
• Promoting the humane treatment of animals.

Please look at our News section for More Information!



Location:    Golden
From: Saturday, April 13, 2019     To: Sunday, April 14, 2019

Entries Open for this Rodeo - April 2nd at 8:00 a.m. until April 4th at 9:00 p.m. Late Entries start April 4th at 9:01 p.m. until April 8th at 5:00 p.m. LATE FEES: $25 to enter late plus $10.00 per event per rodeo. NO CUTTING OR REINED COW HORSE. NO SHOOTING. COWBOY PROM!


Location:    LAMAR
From: Friday, April 26, 2019     To: Sunday, April 28, 2019

Entries Open for this Rodeo - April 16th at 8:00 a.m. until April 18th at 9:00 p.m. Late Entries start at 9:01 p.m. April 18th until April 22nd at 5:00 p.m. LATE FEES: $25 to enter late plus $10.00 per event per rodeo. - NEED TO HAVE COGGINS PAPERWORK TURN IN BY THIS RODEO.


Location:    Rifle
From: Friday, May 3, 2019     To: Sunday, May 5, 2019

Entries Open for this Rodeo - April 23rd at 8:00 a.m. until April 25th at 9:00 p.m. Late Entries start April 25th at 9:01 p.m. until Monday the 29th at 5:00 p.m. LATE FEES: $25 to enter late plus $10.00 per event per rodeo. STATE FINALS FOR WORKING COW HORSE AND CUTTING - May 3rd and 4th


Location:    Keenesburg Fairgrounds
From: Saturday, May 11, 2019     To: Sunday, May 12, 2019

Entries Open for this Rodeo - April 30th at 8:00 a.m. until May 2nd at 9:00 p.m. Late Entries start May 2nd at 9:01 p.m. until May 6th at 5:00 p.m. LATE FEES: $25 to enter late plus $10.00 per event per rodeo. SHOOTING AT THIS RODEO


Location:    Craig
From: Thursday, May 23, 2019     To: Monday, May 27, 2019

Entries Open for State Finals - May 7th at 8:00 a.m. until May 9th at 9:00 p.m. Late Entries start May 9th at 9:01 p.m. until May 13th at 5:00 p.m. LATE FEES: $25 to enter late plus $10.00 per event per rodeo. Queen Contestants will Email their Queen Entry Only to Sherri!

More info



Dear CSHSRA/CJHRA Members,

I would like to address some of the comments posted on Facebook this last week on behalf of the CSHSRA/CJHRA Board. We as a Board understand that we cannot satisfy everyone within our association on all decisions that are made. There will always be some that are impacted in a negative way and we apologize for everyone impacted by those decisions. We try to make decisions based on safety, fairness, and what is best for the majority of our association. Sometimes we make decisions that end up not being favorable but we learn from them and focus on improving them for the future. The board always has our contestants best in mind!

The decision to move the Reined Cow Horse and Cutting to Rifle is a sound decision and one we have been working on for the past two years. This board has by far, the most representation for the Working Cow Horse/Cutting industry of any past board.  We lean heavily on those within our board to direct the rest of us who aren’t as experienced in these events to learn the small details such as animal health and welfare, arena size, footing, cattle, times, etc.

We are grateful to the Town of Craig for hosting our State Finals and believe the Craig Fairgrounds are some of the best facilities within our State. However, if we were to get heavy rain in Craig, it would be extremely dangerous for our Working Cow Horse contestants. In Rifle, we will be able to hold these events in the indoor arena, which is more favorable in size, as well as the arena conditions. This is a decision that many of the competitors in these events support.

The board encourages constructive criticism but on a personal note, I would encourage not using Facebook or any other social media to do so. My phone number and email, as well as the rest of the members of the Adult Board, are always available to all of you through our website. Please continue to use the website for all current and up-to-date information regarding our association.

Thank you & Happy New Year!

Jack Beach


2018-2019 Jr. High School Cinch Team

Colton Clymer Bareback Steer Riding
Waitley Sharon Saddle Bronc Steer Riding
Sam Gallagher Chute Dogging
Leo Veatch Boys Goat Tying & Rifle Shooting
Klayt Staudt Boys Breakaway
Trey Huwa Team Roping
Coy Evans Ribbon Ropping
Quincy Morgan-Montoya Girls Goat Tying
Madison Richmann Girls Breakaway
Jessie Stillings Barrel Racing
Loralee Ward Pole Bending
Makaylee Fischer Ribbbon Roping

Team Captains-
Boys - Leo Veatch
Girls - Madison Richmann 2018-2019 High School Cinch Team

Wyatt Wollert Boys Cutting
Keenan Hayes Bareback Riding
Cauy Pennington Saddle Bronc Riding & Rifle Shooting
Dustin Sanchez Bull Riding
Jace Logan Steer Wrestling
Zaine Mikita Tie Down
Clyde Bolejack Team Roping
Heriberto Vazquez Team Roping
Grace Hill Reined Cow Horse
Shyanna Reeves Girls Cutting
Kodey Hoss Breakaway Roping
Shea Grogan Goat Tying
Jacobi Larson Pole Bending
Kinlie Brennise Barrel Racing

Team Captains -
Boys - Jace Logan
Girls - Kinlie Brennise


Please find the following forms:  AQHA Official Horse of the Year Nomination, Professionals Choice Student Athlete of the Month Applications, & Equine Athlete of the Month Application. The Colorado Board encourages all members to fill out these forms and send them into nationals. IMPORTANT ENTERING INFORMATION!

DO NOT reply back to the email confirmations you receive after you enter a rodeo, the confirmation does not come from Sherri. You must email Sherri at if you have made a mistake and your confirmation is not correct.


2018 Raffle Winners!

RAFFLE WINNERS $2000 - Sami Jo Sweeney $1000 - Jhett Alapai $1000 - Alena Velasquez $500 - Beth Temple $500 - Cody Odonell $500 - Teresa Dulton Crawford $500 - Cophelia Fonseca NON-MEMBERS CAN ENTER RODEO WEEKEND

If you are interested in entering a Weekend Rodeo (Saturday & Sunday), to check out our organization, the non-member fee will be waived (but all rodeo fees still apply). Non-members will still need to fill out the membership application (page 1 & 2) & hospital release form, with all signatures and it must be notarized and sent to state secretary before you can enter (this form is under Memberships/Downloads and Forms). If you miss the deadline for getting this Paperwork to the secretary you will not be able to enter that rodeo. Make sure you get everything in on time. Rodeo fee must be paid in Cash. Contact Sherri the Secretary at Thanks Dog Food Rewards

Members can sell Dog Food again this year as a fundraiser. The member will be given $2.50 per bag of Dog Food they sell, which will go towards Association fees (Example: Rodeo Fees, State Finals fees, Membership Fees). The Dog Food is $30.00 for a 50 lb. bag. Please contact Amber Odle at 970-380-2550 for more information CITY MARKET/KING SOOPERS CARDS

Would you like to contribute to the CSHSRA and CJHRA without spending any additional money? Our Association will earn 5% of all King Soopers/ City Market Grocery and Gas purchases (as well as at Loaf ‘N Jug, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Ralphs, Dillons, QWIK Shop, and other Kroger Stores) using a reloadable gift card through this program!! Please come to the rodeo office or call/email Sherri for more information. Thanks

Looking for someone

Jr High Team Roping

Posted: Thursday, August 9, 2018
Nathan Lammers is looking for a partner in team roping and ribbon roping. He is wanting to heel, but is a header as well. Please contact Monty at High School Team Roping

Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2018
RayAnne Griffin is looking for a heeler in the high school team roping. The number is 970-630-3846 for Liz Griffin Jr. High Ribbon Roping

Posted: Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Katie Jo Knez is looking for a partner please call (970) 629-2163 or email Jr. High Ribbon Roping

Posted: Monday, August 6, 2018
Maci York is looking for a Ribbon Roping partner. Please contact Judy York at