Lazy E facility
Friday, July 17, 2020     From:  7:00 PM  To: 10:00 PM



Here is some information about the communication tools, awards potluck, team dinners, etc.
  • The annual state potluck dinner and 2020 awards presentation will be held on Thursday, July 16th at 6pm in the Colorado on-site camp area at the Lazy E.  (Specific location details will be provided at Guthrie.)  EVERY Colorado National Team member will be receiving an award and their state shirts at this time; please plan to attend.  In addition to providing your own chair to sit in, each contestant (family) is asked to contribute to this dinner.  Click on the following link and sign-up for the item(s) you will bring.  CLICK HERE to access potluck sign-up sheet
  • The 'official' communication tool for the team will be via the GroupMe app.  You can download the app (recommended) or simply receive text messages to your phone.  (BEWARE- if you select the text message option, you will receive EVERY message and notification when a person joins, etc. on a new alert... it can be overwhelming.)  Click here to add yourself to the group:  (You can also text me at 719-940-0870 and I can add you to the group if you don't want to use the app.)
  • A Facebook group page has also been created for use during the 2020 NHSFR.  The group name is 2020 CSHSRA National Team.  If you aren't already in the group, you can be added to the group by anyone who is a member... or text me at 719-940-0870 and I'll be happy to add you.
  • Jim Ward is hosting daily team dinners. (Times TBA)  EVERYONE is welcome- please bring your goodies and join in the fun and team fellowship with the following meal themes:
Friday, July 17- Burgers & Brats
Saturday, July 18- Steak Night
Sunday, July 19- Spaghetti
Monday, July 20- Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday, July 21- Tacos/Mexican Food
Wednesday, July 22- Cajun
Thursday, July 23- Cook's Choice
  • Jennifer Grogan has put together an AWESOME state basket so far.  However, there's always room for additional unique items.  If you have something you would like to contribute, please contact her at 303-888-3020 before next Tuesday so she can add it to the list.  All items need to be delivered to Guthrie by Thursday, July 16th.
  • Shea Grogan is running for NHSRA President.  Please contact her for information about her platform and ideas and/or to assist with her campaign if you are interested.
I think that's it for now... strong practices, safe travels, and happy packing for HOT days to all!Danielle Wollert

To all Contestants and Families,

We are excited as we prepare for our 2020 NHSFR.  In an effort to assist with the check in process please adhere to the following.

  • As you approach the Lazy E property we will have signage on the road indicating that you are approaching check-in.
  • Check-in will be on your left in a small framed building.
  • There are two driveways to the building, we will have the first one blocked off.
  • You will turn left in the second driveway, which is a half moon and pull forward as much as you can, enough room is available that we can have 2-3 rows.
  • Do not unload your horses until arrival at your stall location.
  • Someone will approach want to check your horse papers.
  • While this is taking place, the contestant must go to the check-in table to get your back number and wrist band.
  • There will also be a spot where you will find out your stalling and camping assignment. You will be given labels to put on your stall and also a coupon for 3 bags of shavings per stall.
  • You will be given a map with colored arrows showing you which colored zone you will be camped/stalled in.
  • When you get to that area, there will be personnel to show you your stall and camping assignment.
  • Golf carts/shavings will be available at the check-in location. 
  • If you are camping at the off-ground site (Cottonwood Flats), you will be given a numerical number and directions to the site.  The electrical poles will have numbers stapled to them for your location.   There should be 6 outlets to each water supply. 
  • At Cottonwood, there is a wooden building that has showers and bathroom facilities.  This building belongs to a Church and we ask that you help us maintain the cleanliness.  They will replenish paper product during the week.

Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you soon. James Higginbotham

Process for NHSFR Contestants who are also competing @ NLBRA Finals

Many have asked what the process is for the contestants who are competing at the NLBRA Finals and then competing at the National HS Finals Rodeo since our two events are back – to – back.

Please pay close attention to what will be required from your members.  In order for this process to work, this process must be adhered to.

On Monday, July 13th the contestants that will be staying over from NLBRA to NHSFR will be required to move their horses from the stalls they are using for Little Britches to the stall barns designated by Lazy E.  There will be a few stall barns that are not going to be utilized during the NHSFR – these are going to be utilized for the stay over stalls.

Also on Monday, July 13th the contestants that will be staying over from NLBRA to NHSFR will be required to move their Camper / RV’s to their designated NHSFR camping spot.  For those NHSFR contestants that do not have on-site camping for the NHSFR, they will be required to go off grounds after the completion of the NLBRA Finals.  For those that do have an on-site camping spot, they will move to their new designated parking spot.

We kindly ask that you DO NOT call the National Office OR Lazy E to try to find out your designated camping area prior to the National Office sending out this information.  There is still too much time from when check-in opens for everything to be set in stone.  There are still changes that can occur prior to the end of next week.

NHSFR Contestants will be given their camping spot assignment on Monday, July 13th – camping assignments will not be given prior to this date!

The contestants that are staying over at the Lazy E Arena MUST be checked in – both contestant & horse(s) – by 2:00 PM on July 14th.  Check-in opens July 14th at Noon.  The contestants who have horses & campers on grounds MUST be checked in within the first 2 hours of check-in being open.  All horses that are stalled in the temporary barns MUST be out of those temp stalls by 2:00 PM.  All stalls MUST be cleaned out prior to moving to your NHSFR assigned stall.

Contestants will walk with horse in hand to check-in.  You do not need to load your horses in your trailer.  Be sure to have the required paperwork for horse check-in.

               There will be a vet on-site to do the health certificates for the contestants needing NEW horse papers due to the 7-day health certificate required by Lazy E Arena.  This is required due to Lazy E Arena being a breeding facility.

We ask the contestants that are staying over be on “lock down”.  We only have 1 ½ days to flip the grounds from one event to the next.  There cannot be contestants / families / horses traveling through the grounds while we are trying to get things set up.  We ask that you stay in your designated camping area and stalling area.  You will not be able to ride in any of the arenas during this time.

We appreciate you adhering to the process that we have put together to try to be as accommodating as possible. Thank you – have a great day! Melissa Wolf

NHSFR Golf Cart Reservations

The golf cart reservation deadline has been extended to Noon on Friday, July 3rd.  There are still golf carts available to rent.  They have waived the cancellation fee for those who reserved not knowing if they were going to be camping on-site or off site.  Please contact the golf cart company directly for all inquiries.  All golf cart reservations will be final as of noon, July 3rd.

Purchasing NHSFR Rodeo Tickets

You have not missed the notification for tickets going on sale.  The link has not yet been posted.  Lazy E is working diligently to get the site ready for purchasing wristbands.

Camping Arrangements

On-site water + electric camping will be assigned in state/ province blocks. For example: a state or province may have Lime 15-40. The location of your block will be given to the members at check in. It is our goal to have volunteers spread out among the campsites to help direct you to your designated spot. I apologize for this inconvenience. Within your state/ province, here are some processes that may be helpful to you:

  • *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* Designate someone to coordinate camping- already, I have heard of a few National Directors/ Secretaries eagerly taking this on (THANK YOU). Others have designated a parent who will be arriving the earliest or towards the earlier part of check-in.
  • First come first parked
  • Use the merit system. The camping layout that I have sent to each state/ province individually is a great tool.


Water only camping will also be in blocks, similar to the water + electric on-site camping. This area is located just north of E Forrest Hills Road. Generators will not be provided or available, however members are more than welcome to bring their own.

Those camping off site (Cottonwood Flats Campground) will receive an assigned spot designated to each camper/ trailer/ RV at check in. Camping here will also be in blocks, however we will be able to assign these spots. A map and directions will be available at check-in.

30 & 50 Amp Adapters

This year, we will not know which sites are 30 amps and which are 50 amps. Due to this, as seen on the Contestant Housing Form that every camper has filled out, we are asking that families bring an adapter. These can be purchased at locations such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menard’s, Tractor Supply, Walmart, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s, etc.

NATIONAL OFFICE: Please refer your contestants & families to the NHSRA website for all the current NHSFR information.  If the information is not yet posted, please continue to check back.  We will be posting information all week.

Due to the large number expected in the building at one time, to attend the mandatory contestant meeting and team photos, everyone will be required to wear face coverings for the meeting and photos only.  Contestants will be able to remove their mask/coverings for the team photo and will need to exit the building after photos have been taken.  We will put a face mask in each of the contestant bags at check in, and certainly they can bring their own.  If they bring their own, have them get creative with decorations, we might want a few pictures to post.

For the remainder of the week we strongly encourage safe practices at all times:

  1. Wear a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable, especially if you are to be in the presence of the most vulnerable.
  2. Practice social distancing where possible, there is a lot of seating room at the facility to spread out.
  3. Sanitize often and wash your hands.
  • Neither onsite nor offsite camping includes sewage. Pump trucks will be available at all sites.  THERE ARE NO “FULL SERVICE” SITES AT THE LAZY E ARENA.
  • 50 amp sites are limited to a small percentage of what is available on-site.The large majority of the camping spots will be 30 amp sites

Horse Leasing Facebook Page

Check in will begin Tuesday July 14th at 12 noon and end Friday July 17th at 7AM.

The first performance will be Friday July 17th at 7PM with the final performance on Thursday July 23rd,  at 7PM.

Horse ID Papers & Horse Requirements - Updated Horse ID papers and what is required to enter the grounds at Lazy E Arena are now posted on the National website.

HORSE ID PAPERS: You will take that form with you to the Finals. DO NOT SEND THOSE TO SHERRI

For the purpose of interacting with contestants, parents, auction donors and buyers and the public, we will be located on the Main Concourse, next to Gist during and between perfs.  For workspace to handle Foundation applications, paperwork and deposits, we will utilize space in one of the temporary office trailers.  
  • Scholarship applications will be accepted on Friday ONLY from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Foundation Table on the Main Concourse, next to Gist Silversmiths. 
  • The Scholarship Application is available on the NHSRA website at and on the NHSR Foundation website at
  • The application is fillable and required to be completed on a computer, not handwritten.  So, if you wish to share with your graduating senior qualifiers, be sure and share the link.  Do not print and circulate a hard copy, since only applications typed on a computer are accepted.
  • Likewise, the supporting documents must be computer-generated, as well:
    • List of school, church and community activities
    • Statement in reference to western lifestyle
    • Responses to additional questions
  • An official transcript is required at the time of submission.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • It was not feasible to conduct interviews this year; therefore, the 3 additional responses were added to the application process.  
  • No additional documents are accepted, i.e., no photos, certificates, artifacts, etc.  Selection is based on this application, transcript, and the required documents ONLY. Thus, completeness, neatness and responsiveness are quite important.
  • As always, a minimum $500 scholarship is guaranteed to all graduating qualifiers if the documents are received both timely and accurately and the state/provincial associations are up to date in Matching Funds. (Reminder invoices were sent last week and can be paid once we get to Guthrie.)
  • There will be no Scholarship Presentations Program this year.  All Claim Forms will be mailed.  Recipients will be posted.  A very small number of scholarships that are associated with National Sponsor contracts will be presented when those sponsors are acknowledged prior to a performance, but those will be handled on an individual basis. 

The High School "State Finals" Awards will be presented at the National Finals - during the BBQ/Picnic.

Important Dates to Keep in Mind

Check-In Opens:     Tuesday, July 14th @ 12 Noon

Check-In Closes:      Friday, July 17th @ 7 AM  ALL Contestants MUST BE checked in by this time!

1st Rodeo Performance:  Friday, July 17th @ 7 PM

Short Go Performance:   Thursday, July 23rd @ 7 PM

NHSFR Pricing Sheet- Updated pricing sheet for Guthrie, Oklahoma has been posted on the National website

NHSFR Tentative Schedule of Events

The updated schedule of events is now posted to our website on the NHSFR Contestant Packet page.  We are still waiting to confirm a few of the locations for the extra activities with Lazy E, but the majority of what is posted is final.  You will notice we have taken off all the dances.  We are working to come up with alternative activities for each night.  More details to follow.

Bringing Your Horse On & Off Grounds

Many of you have asked about stalling off grounds and bringing horses on grounds for the days of competition.

  • All horses MUST BE checked in with the contestant by 7 AM Friday, July 17th.  This includes horses that will be stalled off-grounds and will be brought on grounds for performances.  Horses will ONLY be inspected at the time the contestant checks in.
    • If a horse is traveling with someone other than the contestant, the contestant needs to be sure that person transporting the horse has all the required paperwork to check in their horse.  
  • We are requiring that all horses be stalled on grounds.  The exception is for the few instances that a contestant is traveling to & from the rodeo grounds because they live in close proximity.
    • In order for the horse to re-enter the grounds,  the person transporting the horse must have the paperwork that was stamped during horse check-in. 
    • There will be a designated parking area for you to park your truck & trailer while on grounds, if stalling off grounds.

Horse Paper Requirements

Many of you have called / emailed about the 7 day requirement for the health certificate set by Lazy E Arena, since several of the NHSFR Qualifiers will also be competing at the NLBRA Finals.  We are waiting to hear back from Lazy E for further direction on this requirement.  As soon as we have heard back from them, we will be sure to send out updated information.


Suggestions for Nationals

  • The Foundation will award 38 named, honorary and memorial scholarships totaling $54,250, in addition to the $500 Foundation scholarships this year.  Graduating senior NHSFR qualifiers, exiting high school this year, are eligible for a minimum $500 scholarship, if their official application is received timely, is complete, and they participate in the mandatory scholarship interviews on Wednesday at 1:00pm.  The applications are due to the Foundation Room in the Exhibit Hall no later than Sunday at 6:00pm.  Applications should be completed online, printed, signed and submitted with transcript/grade cards and other required documents, per the application. The fillable application is available on the NHSR Foundation website at and on the NHSRA Website at
  • Foundation scholarship funding is made possible through the Monday through Friday 50/50 sales and the Live and Silent Auctions on Thursday at 1:00 in the Exhibit Hall.  Please consider donating an auction item and encourage your qualifiers to do the same. Truly, anything goes! It would also be helpful for you to explain that this is NOT the same as the Crisis Fund Baskets.  Both are important, but each year there appears to be a misunderstanding.  The Crisis Fund Baskets support the Crisis Fund and the Foundation Auctions support scholarships. 

Helpful items: 

If want to rent a golf cart book early online

Non-competitors can purchase a wristband ahead of time and save $ or can pay per performance

Fans for horses and electrical extension cords

Maybe mats for stalls


50/30/110 Electrical adaptors for camping and extras in case it “walks away”

Lock for tack

Fly Spray

Manure fork


Long hose

Rug spikes


Dirt Terrell


Lazy E facility
Thursday, July 23, 2020     From:  8:00 AM  To: 10:00 PM