Saturday, October 21, 2023     From:  9:00 AM  To: 4:15 PM

We will do three rodeos in total.

Fees: Normal rodeo fees + $20 per trap shoot for range fees ($60 total in range fees).


When: October 21 at 11am

Where: Cactus Flats Shooting Range.

Location: 4612 County Road 123, Penrose, CO 81240

Website: https://cactusflats.weebly.com


One Trap Shoot = 50 shots.



1. Shotgun types (Read Rule 3.1 for full explanation) Allowed shotguns include youth or adult: 12 gauge, 16 gauge, or 20 gauge

2. Ammunition (Read Rule 3.2 for full explanation) A basic trap load - Number 71⁄2, 8, or 9. Shot larger than 71⁄2 is not allowed (Number 7 is larger than 71⁄2. Number 7 or lower is not allowed).

3. Eye protection is mandatory (Rule 3.4) 

4. Ear protection is mandatory (Rule 3.5)

5. There will be 5 firing positions per trap. Each position or post is 3 yards apart and 16 yards from the trap. There will be 2 traps for our trap shoot. (Read all of Rule  for full explanation)

6. All guns must have the action open at all times except when actively shooting. (Read Rule 6 for all safety requirements).